Global issue #1 Machine and Environment

#1 Headline: Rage against the machine

One incident involved a pedestrian crossing the street and striking the autonomous vehicle ‘with his entire body’.
Lead: The great promise of self-driving cars is that they will save innumerable lives by removing the most fallible and unpredictable element from vehicle traffic: the human.

#2 Headline: New Zealand company offers employees $10 a day to cycle to work

Sub-headline: Christchurch advertising firm says workers could feel energized by the exercise – and the money

A New Zealand company is offering employees up to $10 if they cycle to and from work.
Lead: A Christchurch company is offering hard cash to employees who bike to work every day in a bid to energize staff and move the city away from a reliance on cars.
  • Thinkable issues in the classroom (related to this article)
       1. How do you come to school?
       2. What can you do for the mother nature?
       3. Did you do good deeds from your heart or for your benefits?
       4. What incentives do you want?
       5. How long does it take to get to school?
       6. How do companies affect the society?

Quizlet: Words from two articles above

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