[Grade 4] Asking permissions : Can I come in?

Image result for can I come inLesson 9. Can I come in?

Review: Pamela Allen

What book did you read of her?
What's the story about?

Video: Listen carefully and guess what happened

- Where is it? Where the conversation happen?
- How many people are there?
- What happened?
- What was the "Can I~?" question?

The spoon of the Death

- Pick a spoon and read the sentence of the number!


[Grade 6] Past tense Y/N Questions

Lesson 8. I learned about green energy.

▶ Let's make past tense yes/no questions.

Image result for yes no questions1. Listen and answer

Listen carefully and answer the questions:
- Did you come to school?
- Did you have breakfast this morning?
- Did you have English yesterday?
- Did you eat shrimp yesterday?
- Did the sun rise this morning?

2. Did you learn the past tense?

Check the SPAG!
Spell, Punctuations, and Grammar!


[Grade 6] Past tense conversations

Lesson 8. I learned about green energy.

Image result for past tense▶ Let's read the past tense conversations.

1. What was the proverb of last week?

2. Past tense questions

- How can you ask about something happened yesterday?

3. Video: Inside out

- What did Riley do when she was a baby?
- Make any question that Riley can answer "Yes, I did."

4. Zombie vs Vampire Game

- Survive as a human being or win the game!
- Who will be the winner?

[Week 3] Proverb of the week: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

[Week 3]Proverb of the week

"필요할 때 친구가 진짜 친구다. "

Friend = 친구
in need = 필요한 때, 어려울 때
indeed = 참으로, 진짜로

Related image
친구가 필요로 할 때 항상 곁에 있어 주는 참된 친구가 됩시다 ^-^


[Week 2] Proverb of the week

 "처음 시작이 늘 가장 어려운 법이다"

The first step = 처음 시작.처음 발을 내딛는 것
always = 항상
hardest = 가장 어려운


[Grade 4] Can you Keep a secret? by Pamela Allen

Related imageLet's read a story of Pamela Allen!

- What book of Pamela Allen did you read before?
- How was it?
- Can you guess the story from these words?
   - king, crown, elephant, hippo, lion, bear

Pamela Allen's other books...

Related image


[Grade 6]The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his buisiness

1. Who is the main character of the story?

- Someone who lives in the underground.
- Someone who makes tunnels.
- Someone who has long nails.
- Someone who is shortsighted.

2. What animals show up in this storybook?

3. Pair reading

4. Five quizzes about the story


[Grade 6] "Quizizz" for Lesson 1~7

Image result for Review

Let's review!
- What did you learn during the first semester?
- Guess the answer and remind what you learned!

Lesson List

   Lesson 1: I Want To Be a Cook
   Lesson 2: What Grade Are You In?
   Lesson 3: What Does She Look Like?
   Lesson 4: What's the Date Today?
   Lesson 5: I Am Stronger than You
   Lesson 6: I Have a Stomachache
   Lesson 7: How Tall Are You?

Quizzizz : Link

 - 17 Quizzes from Lesson 1 ~ Lesson 7



Orientation Session For Grade 4

1. Remind Your Classroom Rules.

 1) Listen when others are talking.

 2) Be ready for the English class!

   - Go back to your seat.
   - Clean your desks
   - Look at the teachers.

 3) Attention Chant

   - Macaroni & Cheese ------ Everybody freeze!
   - Hands on top! ------------ That means stop!
   - Waterfalls! ---------------- Shhhhhhhh!
   - Flat tire! ------------------- Shhhhhhhh!

 4) Exit ticket

 5) Penmanship

  - Write neatly and nicely!

2. Review of Lesson 7 prepositions

 1) What in / on / under means?


Orientation Session For Grade 6

1. Remind Your Classroom Rules.

 1) Listen when others are talking.

 2) Be ready for the English class!

   - Go back to your seat.
   - Clean your desks
   - Look at the teachers.

 3) Attention Chant

   - Macaroni & Cheese ------ Everybody freeze!
   - Hands on top! ------------ That means stop!
   - Waterfalls! ---------------- Shhhhhhhh!
   - Flat tire! ------------------- Shhhhhhhh!

 4) Exit ticket

 5) Penmanship

  - Write neatly and nicely!

2. Review of Grade 5 past tense

 1) What is the "Past tense"?
 2) How can you ask "지난 주말에 뭐했어요?"


Transportation Directions

Topic/Lesson Title

Transportation directions(E6)

Lesson 10. How can I get to the park? (5/7)

Source of Inspiration / Experimental Goal
  1. Simple diagnosis tool for the differentiated lesson (Students will get different worksheet by their level.)
  2. Building each student’s conversation using realia. (in their level - differentiated lesson)(Students will make their own conversation with their partner. Each students will have different topic to speak. By themselves, they will give directions to their partner.)

Learning Objective (What will learners know or be able to do after your lesson?)

  • After this lesson, students will be able to give a transportation directions to somebody who don’t know.
  • Specially, they need to make their own transportation directions for an event.

Detailed Procedure

TEE Language Used
Review the topic
and learn new expressions
  1. Talking about what we are learning
Today, we are going to learn a new word and write something. Let’s think about an expression that we learned last time. I want to get this park but I don’t know what to do. Can you make the question?
(Debriefing last lessons)
  1. Reviewing last learning : “Transfer (to)”
To get to the park, I need to take a bus and a subway. You can call this action “transfer (to)”.
Let’s practice using this word. If you will take a bus first and you will move to a subway right after the bus, you will say
“I take a bus and transfer to the subway.”
Let’s practice how to giving direction using the word “transfer (to)”.
Level test for leveled writing
  1. Log in to the quizizz and do the test
Log in to the https://quizizz.com/join/ page, and enter the game code. Use your real name, not a nickname.
It is an individual activity. So please do it yourself.
There are 10 questions about what we learned in this chapter
After the game, review questions that you guessed incorrectly.
Q. How many questions will you get? (10 questions.)
Q. Will you do this with your partner? (No, I will do it alone.)
Q. What should you do after the quiz? (Review the questions.)
  1. Find their level
Let’s check the answer that you guys answered incorrectly
(Teacher will check the answer with low accuracy.)
Teacher will give you an envelope. In the envelope, you can find a ticket.
Take it out from the envelope and find out where you need to go. After that, find a way to get there using the subway map.
Today we will use only subway.
Meet their partner and find the answer
  • Each pair will find out transportation direction for their event.
Find your partner who has the same ticket. With your partner, discuss how to get there. Choose a way, and practice  explaining the directions to others.
Q. What transportation will you use today? (Subway)
Q. What will you do with your partner? ( Discuss how to get there.)
Q. What should you practice with your partner?
    ( Transportation direction)
Guided writing / leveled writing
  • Writing an invitation
Take out an invitation card from your envelope.
Write a card to your friend or family.
(Ss will take an invitation card from the envelope and write a card.)

<Examples of invitation>

There is a concert on July 17th.
I want to go there with you!
Let’s meet at Jangsan station at 7:00 o’clock.

To get there, follow these directions.
Go to Namsan station.
Take subway line 1 to Seomyeon station.
Transfer to subway line 2.
Take subway line 2 to Jangsan station.



     2. Diagnosis tools for students (Quizizz)
3. Differentiated worksheets in four levels (1 to 4)

  4. Tickets


Pop song learning websites

Check out some pop song learning website!

영어 학습을 할 때, 더 이상 가사를 보고 따라 부르는 구식은 그만!
뮤직비디오도 보고, 게임도 하고! 재미있게 공부해 봅시다~!


Roar by Katy Perry

"Roar" by Katy Perry

Take a listen to the song "Roar" with her music video, and learn some idioms from the lyrics. Listen to the song first, and find the meaning what you don't know. After taking a look of the presentation, enjoy the two activities from the song!
Hope this song empower yourself like Katy :-)

  •  Check out some idioms in the song 

  •  Worksheets for the chorus part
Listen to the chorus part, and make a connections.