Global issue#3 North Korean refugees in Korea

Headline: The school teaching North Korean refugees how to live in the South

                              Students from the Yeomyung school at a graduation ceremony in January.

Leads: Pak Sool marched down a flight of stairs, descending into Seoul’s metro for
the first time at the age of 19, only to stare at the spaghetti-bowl map of the transit
system and then – feeling nervous and embarrassed – simply give up.


  1. canteen a small cafeteria or snack bar / 구내식당(군대용어)
  2. quirk : odd habit, peculiarity, eccentricity, small difficulty / 기벽, 이상한 버릇
  3. march down : 의식적으로 걸어가다
  4. confounded : confused; puzzled, befuddled, bewildered, perplexed / 당황하다
  5. monumental : massive, very great, very important / 엄청나게 큰, 기념비적인
  6. overwhelming : something so awesome it overpowers your thoughts or feelings /
  7. smuggle to : illegally bring things into a country / 밀입국하다, 밀수하다
  8. handler : someone who manage, control, or operate / 담당자, 취급자
  9. trafficking : the activity of buying and selling goods or people illegally / 밀거래, 밀매
  10. abducted : kidnapped / 납치된
  11. hook : a thing designed to catch people's attention / 관심을 끄는 것, 중독되는 것
    (hooked 중독되다)
  12. assimilate : to absorb or become absorbed; to make or become similar /
    지식, 정보) 완전히 이해하다, 흡수하다; 동화되다
  13. euphoria : sense of great happiness or well-being, optimism / 행복감, 희열
  14. lull : a pause during which things are calm or activities are diminished / 일시적 잠잠함, 소강상태; 달래다, 어르다, 재우다
  15. chasm : a big gap, deep, gaping hole; a gorge / 깊게 갈라진 틈, 간격, 차이
  16. unsentimental not emotional; unaffected by emotional matters / 감정적이지 않은
  17. counterpart : a person or thing closely resembling or corresponding to another;
    a complement /
    대응물 , 상대방
  18. disparity : a great difference / 격차, 불일치
  19. drop out : quit a class, school etc / 낙제하다, 중퇴하다
  20. play out : way something happens / 일어나다, 발생하다

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