For your English classroom!

To the lovely and energetic English teachers all over the world(specially to EFL teachers),
I want to suggest some ideas and materials for your classroom. 

1. Desk plates

 - For younger students, writing English on the right line, distinguishing upper/lower case might be hard work. Putting a desk plate on their desk with their name written will be a good material for everyday learning. At least, they might be know that is their name. Specially for first learners to EFL learners, writing their name in English is a quite attractive writing topic!
By their level, teacher may add some more information like left and right, numbers, nouns with each letters. 

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2. Classroom posters

 - To supply many reading materials in English classroom is an important role of the teachers. As one of them, some classroom posters will be a fancy and interesting reading inputs and remind the students for their better learning. They might be about classroom rules or thought strategy or recommend writing strategies. Check out some examples and make your own or copy some ideas for your students!

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Image result for classroom posters Image result for classroom posters
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3. Word wall

 - For the beginner level of English, reviewing what they learned before is another important factor of learning. Word wall is a good option of that. You can decorate with high-frequency words, sight words, or words of the week.
*Tip : Cut the word out tightly according to the height of each letter. Student can memorize the word by the shape, sometimes! Also they will offer the good sight word inputs.

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4. Useful board games

 - Some useful board games are good material for students' learning. Usually it is for the leisure time, still they can be used in each lesson. Check out my recommendations for your English lessons!

1) Story cubes

          Image result for story cubes

 2) Scattergories(Betit bac)

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Image result for scattergories

3) Scrabble (Junior)

Image result for scrabble juniorImage result for scrabble junior

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